Friday, May 8, 2015

Postcard from Ghent !!

But Ghent?

"Here’s a secret within a secret: Ghent might just be the best European city you’ve never thought of visiting, in a country that continues to be criminally overlooked. Ghent hides away in the middle of Belgium’s big three – Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp. Most Belgium-bound visitors rushing between these see nothing more than the stately fortifications of Ghent’s St Pieter’s Station.”

East Flanders’ capital and largest city lies about midway between Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp, but foreign visitors often bypass the city. Ghent is Belgium’s fourth-largest city, and has a vibrant restaurant scene, scores of chocolatiers, and even its own Manneken Pis. Like Bruges, it has canals, and its two in-city rivers, the Lieve and the Leie, have been “canalized,” dug out and straightened to give the appearance of canals.

The first thing you notice on entering Ghent is the guys (and gals). They’re kind of hot. Especially as compared to Brussels, which, coming from Albania, was a bit of a let-down on the personal beauty front. Ghentians (I made that word up) however are smoking. And they’re awfully nice too.

Putting aside for a moment the personal beauty of the locals, the town is simply gorgeous.hope you like the Pics .. Thnx my best friend Ilva for Editing <3   

                                                                Love you all N.


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