Thursday, May 21, 2015

What does spring smell like ?!

                                                      Wearing : Skirt Bershka SS15 ; Top Zara Trf Ss15 ; Shoes Zara FW15 

Sun’s shining. Birds are dropping hits. Streets look like day-clubs and ice-cream parties from a futuristic 60s meets 70s film scene. When the wind is blowing it smells like Chanel No.5. And when us girls hit the streets it’s a fucking Vogue edition of fab clothes on fab 6 ft tall silhouettes. No. No. I’m not crazy. It’s spring ladies, and I swear to God it feels like summer .. Tirana is crazy in this time is so hot sometimes I can't breath

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Monday, May 18, 2015

White Feelings!

                       Wearing : Zara Pants SS15 ; Bershka Top SS15 ; Michael Kors Selma Bag

What is the thing with girls and flowers?
Yes, we do like to be spoiled sometimes and no, the gifts don’t always need to be tangible..But seriously, aside from the I don’t need these things to feel beautiful women, one cannot deny the role that flowers play in the picture..

Call it shallow, but many women believe that flowers reflect who we are..
Really, they can stop time..We don’t care how much or little they cost..
We don’t care if it someone bought them from the mall or went to the fields to gather the freshest roses..It doesn’t matter..The point is that every woman deserves to be delighted by flowers, despite the fact that they die, they make us feel special..
The more flowers the better..And same goes with clothes..What do you think about my flare Pants from Zara ?
These photos are part of Icon Magazine editorial .
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Postcard from Ghent !!

But Ghent?

"Here’s a secret within a secret: Ghent might just be the best European city you’ve never thought of visiting, in a country that continues to be criminally overlooked. Ghent hides away in the middle of Belgium’s big three – Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp. Most Belgium-bound visitors rushing between these see nothing more than the stately fortifications of Ghent’s St Pieter’s Station.”

East Flanders’ capital and largest city lies about midway between Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp, but foreign visitors often bypass the city. Ghent is Belgium’s fourth-largest city, and has a vibrant restaurant scene, scores of chocolatiers, and even its own Manneken Pis. Like Bruges, it has canals, and its two in-city rivers, the Lieve and the Leie, have been “canalized,” dug out and straightened to give the appearance of canals.
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey from Brussels!

                          Wearing : Skirt H&M ; T-shirt Zara ; Jacket Zara ; Shoes and Bag Zara

Hey from Brussels  !! 
My favourite place in Brussels had to be Grand Place square. It was just incredible and something that I never took for granted despite walking through it multiple times a day.  There are so many stories you'll hear about this square, most are rumours. One very popular story which isn't true is about the town hall. The main tower isn't centred, it's more to the right. When the architect came back and saw this he went to the top of the tower and jumped off. What really happened is that it was originally built correctly, at the time having a centred focus point was important but then they needed to expand to be able to hire more people and collect more money so they could only expand the left hand side making it uneven. Another thing I noticed is that the centre point on the door doesn't line up correctly if you follow it up the tower,
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