Thursday, April 30, 2015

Antwerp - City of Fashion

‘Oh Antwerp, how posh! Isn’t that a total fashion hotspot?“- yup, it is : 

Hello Fashion, Hello Spring, Hello Antwerp! …
 … and of course: hello my beautiful readers!  Antwerp – fashion, diamonds & art
 Strangely enough, when I think of Antwerp I think of the movie „Snatch! “. You know, that British gangster comedy by Guy Ritchie. It’s where I’ve learned that if you want to deal with diamonds in any way you got to head to the small city at the shore of Belgium – TV is educative! Somehow I hoped that one of those rocks would find its way into my pockets – some kind of freebie. Well, wasn’t the case.  Although there are plenty of diamonds in Antwerp, and art and beautiful people, my reason for being here is fashion!   Ohh and Chocolate could be another reason to visit beautiful Flanders.And while we are speaking of food and Belgium: fries! I missed them badly on our tourist route! I didn’t have high hopes on tasting this culinary trade mark as Belgian beer was as well avoided on our degustation for the day. Understandable, I mean, we are totally fashion here, and beer and grease, and carbohydrates turn you into a fatty… but, oh wonder, the potatoish gold would soon find its way onto my plate…

                                                                      Lots of love N. <3


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Enjoyed reading and pics :D


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