Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Mood !!

        Zara Jacket / Zara t-shirt / Zara Wide Leg Trousers  /  Zara Shoes  / All in Zara in one Word !
One day Miss Fashion had a thought: ‘‘Let’s play a game – How to look like hobos, it’s called.” And so the Wide Leg Trousers Look was born. Now I know most of you will be like what the hell is wrong with her, but in all honesty the hobo look was always the 1st thing to pop in my mind when seeing wide leg trousers. With the passing of time and my fashion maturity reaching a posh level (bitch please) I am now (sort of) reconsidering my impulses and can somewhat spot, beyond the shapeless look, a sophisticated style, super haute couture resembling and very chic I might add. When done right. But how to do it right?
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