Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trench mode !!

               Trench Coat Bershka / Zara t-shirt / H&M skirt  /  Aldo Sandals  / Ray-Ban sunglasses
You know, there are days between seasons when it’s windy outside, rain drips slowly, but it’s not very cold. In days like that your mood is full of melancholy and don’t really feel like doing something important. You just wanna go out with BFF and have a hot latte with one (or even 2-3) croissants. However, whatever the reason and the mood is, you always need to look stylish. Stepping out of your front door, you shall be 100% confident about the outfit you’ve chosen. Remember what they say?

                                “Always dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy”

That’s why you have to just make “fabulous” your second middle name, and I know we can all do that. Ain’t I right, my dears??

So what do we use on those foggy and drizzling days? Well, the answer is simple and classy- a trench coat.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, gabardine or leather. It generally has a removable insulated lining, raglan sleeves, and the classic versions come in various lengths ranging from mid-calf to above the knee.It was originally a military item of clothing and shows this influence in its styling.

For the Pics , A huge thanks for my Best Friend Ilva Mishtaku.. she is amazing <3

                                                                                              Love Ninna , Xoxo 


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