Friday, January 2, 2015

Let It Snow !!

A new year has started and I couldn’t avoid being more mainstream, therefore my journal is already inked in little bullet points of resolutions. Let’s start with line 4 which says that I  shall try and post more outfits for you. Let’s see how that works out…

No matter how cold or hot it is, DRESSES are always a great idea. Easy to style, to dress up or down, to layer with great jackets in the cold season, to jazz them up with fabulous shoes, or make them casual and chic with comfortable soles. When it comes to dresses all is possible in terms of looks and outfits. The Dress I'm wearing here is from Hm new collection for fall winter 15' , I came for winter holidays here in Peja and you can't Imagine how many clothes I brought with me here .. It Is so cold here Almost everything is Freezing ..You can see that Snow covered everything and it looks extremely beautiful ..

                                                                                 N. xoxo


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