Monday, October 20, 2014

The PINK Invasion!

That fashion is inconsistent and pretty much all over the place is really, no news. So I don’t know why I’m as surprised as I am for this PINK Trend that’s been going on . 
But really, thank God for a touch of girly and feminine, although (brace yourselves right now) I don’t really care that much for pink. Actually just a few pieces.

And pastels are huge this season. A part of me sees them as retro ice-cream colors worn by ’50’s moms or depraved housewives with eyeliners thinker than a pinkie, a cigarette and a glass of martini in their hands. Draped in light shades of pink, blue or mint with tiny flowery patterns and those kitten heels and mini boxy bags – these women were feminine alright. So I guess it’s the nostalgia over the upsides of those times that triggered the comeback of pastels and literally the invasion pale pink everything.  So Enough of Fashion history here I'm wearing Soft Pastel PINK with a flower print kimono with fringel so Casual for a off-duty day .. Yesterday has been the hottest day of October , Believe or not those pic were shoot last day here in Tirana ( have a look I'm with Sandales .. it feels like summer again ) . About the Pics I was with rush to go back home cause my Sister was leaving for Kosovo and we made just a few  :S.. I was thinking twice to post on the blog or not .. I hope you like them , And for the Outfit I know that you will like it ,  cause is Sooo Feminine Girlyy me :)
I'm wearing ; All in Zara ss14 


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