Friday, October 10, 2014

Is MIDI The New Mini?

Today I show you the look I wore yesterday, midi leather skirt. Being a lady is the trend right now and the midi is the queen of the season. Here is my first outfit with a skirt like this. That kind of skirts can visually shorten your legs but everything has a solution: always with heels (or boots like me here ) and the top inside the skirt. This optically lengthen legs ;) .

Have you already tried midi skirts? If you ‘re still thinking about it, try it! Fashion is all about play and experiment , as always, remaining true to ourselves. In my opinion, that’s the key . So I encourage you to explore new styles whenever you can . For midi skirts, simply guide you through these three premises : waist , under the knee and with heels.
Fashion has this power over me to just throw out the window my delusional self assertion of being a mature consistent coherent woman. While in life I try to keep myself maniac-free, inhibiting my getting-bored-too-soon impulses (or my ADD), when it comes to fashion I’m the exact opposite. Does this make me mad? Well no. Other things do, but that’s another story. It actually makes me quite sane, style wise, cause fashion is an inconsistent bitch who one day is praising mini skirts and the next is all about longer hems. So I, therefore, am only in tune with its brilliant inconsistencies.

But just when you thought you can’t get this little bitch all figured out, I dawns on you: it’s a cycle. It’s all a stylish un-harmful karma of what goes around comes around. Only in fashion, old and new/past and present live well side by side with the help of reinvention.
But how easy is pulling off a full skirt look? I say pretty NOT easy at all. First of all there’s the unlikeness one might take in this very style . I'm styling here leather plus cotton fabric and huge jewelry and like strawberry in the cake sunglasses Audrey Celine . 
I'm wearing ; Zara Leather Skirt Fw15 ; T-shirt Zara Fw15 ; Necklace Parfois Fw15 ; Bracelet Bershka Ss14; Sunglasses Celine Audrey ; Boots Zara Ss14

                                                                            Big kisses N 


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