Thursday, October 30, 2014

Modern Countryside

Don’t know about you, but I am loving all that is happening in fashion these days. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s all a bit chaotic and all over the place, with everything in and nothing out, but just think about it? No more style boundaries. No more rules. Every style compromise and once sartorial concession seemed to have literally vanished.

One day women want to be glamorous femmes fatales, the other it’s all about channeling your Tom boy’ish persona. Ha. ’90’s are happily married to those ’50’s with their feminine silhouettes and ice-cream colors. And I'm talking of this tube skirt that I'm wearing right here .. huge white skirt Amazing !!  I been reading about lasted trends in fashion but I think I will posted later on cause today I'm gone talk just for my amazing Tuesday .. Me and my girls have planed a long ago to go at "Mrizi i Zanave" is a restaurant in a countryside of Albania .A restaurant with its farm, vineyard, and vegetable garden, its own olive plantation, delicious wine, lovely nature ... I’m referring to Mrizi I Zanave .This Tuesday i visited for the first time and I was immediately impressed. The food was delicious, modern touch spicing up local tradition. Everything 100% BIO, 100% Albanian. Freshly picked vegetable from the garden cooked and served in wood plates, dairy products such as goat or cattle cheese processed by the restaurant staff, country ham preserved down in their basement, red Kallmet wine from the local vineyards, local fruit dessert, originate an authentic dining experience even for us locals. And beside that it was so fun I made those beautiful pics in this beautiful Landscape of Albania .. the weather was so great the sun was shinning so warm and everything green ohh... Heaven in my eyes! In a first pic is a beautiful lady Elsa ,she is wearing a gorgeous dress from Zara and a hat from Stradivarius  really Modern Country Style .. She's An Amazing Person <3.. yee I know I sad I will not talk about fashion in this post but just a few word :P .. Check for more my Ig account Ninnasblog . 
I'm wearing : Shirt ; Mango fw14 : Skirt ; Zara fw15 : Shoes ; PullandBear fw15 : Sunglasses : RayBan mirrors 
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Monday, October 20, 2014

The PINK Invasion!

That fashion is inconsistent and pretty much all over the place is really, no news. So I don’t know why I’m as surprised as I am for this PINK Trend that’s been going on . 
But really, thank God for a touch of girly and feminine, although (brace yourselves right now) I don’t really care that much for pink. Actually just a few pieces.

And pastels are huge this season. A part of me sees them as retro ice-cream colors worn by ’50’s moms or depraved housewives with eyeliners thinker than a pinkie, a cigarette and a glass of martini in their hands. Draped in light shades of pink, blue or mint with tiny flowery patterns and those kitten heels and mini boxy bags – these women were feminine alright. So I guess it’s the nostalgia over the upsides of those times that triggered the comeback of pastels and literally the invasion pale pink everything.  So Enough of Fashion history here I'm wearing Soft Pastel PINK with a flower print kimono with fringel so Casual for a off-duty day .. Yesterday has been the hottest day of October , Believe or not those pic were shoot last day here in Tirana ( have a look I'm with Sandales .. it feels like summer again ) . About the Pics I was with rush to go back home cause my Sister was leaving for Kosovo and we made just a few  :S.. I was thinking twice to post on the blog or not .. I hope you like them , And for the Outfit I know that you will like it ,  cause is Sooo Feminine Girlyy me :)
I'm wearing ; All in Zara ss14 
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Thursday, October 16, 2014


I’m Falling into Fall these days. It’s mid October already. Days are now remarkably chillier, but after an incredibly kind September,
Personally, I love this transition period between seasons...
 Just imagine…finding a piece that somehow covers it all: at first glance it looks like a top, but it has the length of a dress, with a deep cut that reminds me of wearing an open vest. Without being able to putting it into a category, it simply caught my attention – I had to “invite it to join my wardrobe”! Instead of wearing it with some nice basics, I added my skinny black jeans and Finito ! . And I can make this promise – this top or dress (or whatever we might call it) is worth trying it. I was wearing this outfit yesterday and it was a sunny day with a light breeze that felt like summer. The breeze made my top swirl around my body and when closing my eyes I felt like diving into an beautiful holiday memory. And this feeling is unbelievable valuable… Sorry about the bad quality of the pics , Ani ( photographer girl) didn't have time so another friend of mine toked the pics . I didn't wanted to posted at all but then I convinced myself that not every time I can have super quality photos :S .. till the next post hope Ani will have time for me :)
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Is MIDI The New Mini?

Today I show you the look I wore yesterday, midi leather skirt. Being a lady is the trend right now and the midi is the queen of the season. Here is my first outfit with a skirt like this. That kind of skirts can visually shorten your legs but everything has a solution: always with heels (or boots like me here ) and the top inside the skirt. This optically lengthen legs ;) .

Have you already tried midi skirts? If you ‘re still thinking about it, try it! Fashion is all about play and experiment , as always, remaining true to ourselves. In my opinion, that’s the key . So I encourage you to explore new styles whenever you can . For midi skirts, simply guide you through these three premises : waist , under the knee and with heels.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baby Blue Leather Jacket

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Autumn’s here, and were it not for all the websites and online mags preaching the arrival of fall with its sweater weather and ankle boots, I swear I would have still been in my bikinis oblivious of the rain and cooler temperatures.

One thing we change about our style habits come autumn is wearing a jacket. That’s to say we can still stretch some summer’ish outfits into fall, but for evening or crispy mornings we – most likely – will need a jacket. And when it comes to these, the last few years in fashion seem to have been all about the redundant leather jacket, and for 2 years now, the denim too is making a comeback.
Although I practically live in my leather jacket, I will admit I hate the fact that it became more than a staple, it became a ubiquitous bitch, that’s all over the place, regardless of personal style. So, while leather is my first and only true love, I am considering a denim affair for this autumn. For variety reasons you know.
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