Thursday, September 18, 2014

The White T-Shirt

How amazing would it be to not give a crap and still look so stylish? The White T-shirt Trend is just the answer to those less imaginative or too busy-to-care days. From the runways to the red carpet events it appears to be the next big fashion hit. It simply looks brilliant and stylish whether paired with jeans or black trousers, heels or flat pumps, sporty, casual or edgy. I love the effortlessly cool look anytime of the day and night. And the white T-shirt delivers just that. Flats by day. Heels by night. A blazer over it. Trousers or jeans.And always add a chunky piece of jewelry.
About my life .. I'm back from a fabulous weekend ,I was in kosovo as I mention in previous post .. it was amazing the party's coffee , meeting new people .. everything new, oo and the FOOD DELICIOUS .Don't to mention we were thinking to make another trip soon as possible, 'Hip-hop party's' I didn't know that I would like them :P ..  My everyday life has just started , school started with " Tirana Architecture weeks " and the sweeties September is gone be so busy for me .… About the pic , I like to thanks my best friend Elsa , for the patient she had yesterday shooting me in the middle of the sun . She did a great job :)
 See Elsa you are not bad , the pic talks better then me <3 
I'm wearing; White t-shirt Zara ; West H&M ; Trousers Mango ; Shoes ; Asos  


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