Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summertime, Turn Your BACK, For Fashion’s Sake!

Here is the new outfit that I wore last week at the beach . I'm so in love with those pics and this beautiful dress from Zara that is from last year collection . Wearing a maxi skirt is the easiest way to look glamourse and stylish , the only thing that changes are the shoes that make the difference were are u wearing it .. It seems to me only since last year the maxi dress was nipped and tucked a little bit and the rules of the 'how-to-wear' one have expanded to the point of ''to-hell-with-them-do's-and-don'ts'. What used to be a style & design rule for the maxis (flat shoes , floral prints , strapleess , or classic soft a-lines) is only a tiny part of the maxi trend in 2014 . Actually more and more designs resemble the 70's boho chic style that i absolutely adore. Wich actually makes me think we'll be able to wear them in the cold season as well with long boots .Beautiful .. Enough of talking  about clothes , I'm on summer vacation from the school and I came at my parents here in Kosovo .. I'm meeting my friends here and heaving a lovely time with my family . A ton of kisses goes for my friend Ilva that shoot those wonderful pics . And the last thing, Thanks to +frantices  for Editing <3 

                                    Have a Lovely week ahead , big kisses till next post N <3


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