Saturday, June 21, 2014

About Ballkanspring

Hi  Guys, 

Today post is about Online Website that's is called Ballkanspring . I'm so glad that for the first time in Kosovo we have an online shop. Ballkanspring bring you a great variety of products crafted from Kosovo , both modern and traditional, such as clothes , shoes , fashion accessories , gift items , souvenirs and beauty products. 
The mission of is to offer produced from Kosovo to the world by modern ways . The website is growing steadily , and it currently offers over 700 products from more than 40 different producers and designers from all Kosovo , out of which 36 of these are woman . You can see the website by clicing here 


-I found so innovative that young girls have and idea and create smth by their own. I'm talking about Ariana Nila Jewelry Design, her bijouterie's are very unique and handmade , from the modern and elegant design. I wanna talk particularly for Knuckle rings its a trend that is growing up so fast. 

Too many rings, necklaces & bracelets? There’s no such thing. For the past year or so, though, big rings have taken the backseat for those super thin small ones, which, guess what? Are so tiny they don’t even fit properly. Unless you call your finger knuckles the proper place. Errrr… well yeah. Why not? Cause that’s what Knuckle Rings are: tiny thin rings in gold or silver that are so femininely and sweet resting on finger knuckles & subtly adorning your look by adding just the right bling. Can’t believe I’m saying this (jewellery wise) but… sometimes (just sometimes) less is more.For all of this that i talked u can shop online those beautiful rings , and be a part of this online web that is growing up so fast :) 

                                               Be a part of it , with love N 


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