Monday, November 26, 2012

Favorite Cat Eye Tutorials

 I'm in love with the winged 60's cat eyes but to master these you kind of need to go all "starwars-ish" where you simply need to use "the Force" basically you need talent or loads of practice, note here that I myself have no "symmetry talent" whatsoever and second to that patience is not on my list either.. But behold, there is still hope! I collected my favorite tutorials, the straight to the point tutorials that are perfect for starter catty-eyes and a perfect base for those of us who are ready to move on to the more advanced winged looks as seen in the collage (and uhm yeah, make tutorials so I can re-post them on my blog!)

1) Easy Cat-Eyeliner Tutorial

Indian Vanity Case brings us this great tutorial, I basically skipped the whole eyeshadow part and went straight to the liner starting at the outer corners like directed! Still practice is needed.

2) the Winged Cat Eye

I'm just in love with the illustration and the directions given are easy to follow, I guess when things are made to look easy it feels much better to take on! I found out that many people like to use a white brow liner, a pencil, folded tissue or even Scotch Tape easy to use for making the Wing when not having a steady hand!

3) 60's Cat Eye

Sadly this is one of those images that went viral on Tumblr and in the process the original source got lost! Real bummer since I'm actually high on credits! Non the less, I think this cat eye is perfect in its own bold minimal way! Slack on 1000 layers of eyeliner creating a thick line (almost impossible to fail here) and add the wing/tip last.


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